The shifts in technology and social media are already disrupting the ways businesses go to market. You can note the impacts by the day in the news (and by the tweet in the blogger world). What you do not see, yet, are indicators of any market-wide business understanding on how to address, although there are plenty of vendors with “solutions” to choose from already. Today, most businesses still seem remain primarily reactive (Toyota, United, Maytag?).

One way to view how this shift impacts business strategies is seeing how they impact the “Touch vs. Scale” matrix.

Current models in place today are either B2B/Enterprise Sales (High Touch, Low Scale, F2F Sales Teams, Med-Long Cycles) or B2C/Consumer Sales (Low Touch, High Scale, Marketing, Call Center, Fast Cycles). And the SME space has been (often awkwardly) in the middle between these points.

Recent shifts in technology are further moving into the High Touch / High Scale “fourth quadrant”, an area often targeted, but rarely reached until recently.

I think most already understand (or “feel”) this, but have a hard time figuring out the ramifications to their current business models. There is already a large number of technology solutions, but many are without a business focused decision-making framework to help align and guide the Business/IT planing  processes.